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Quality fences keep what you want in and what you do not want out. 

We carry your highest quality fence for safety and security. Ensure a safe and wholesome environment for you, your family and your guests.

We carry a great fence for your apartment building, condominium property area, cottage, farmhouse, farm area, garden, nightclub, pub, warehouse or other venue.

You can secure business or home, other place by installing our durable and dependable fencing products.

You need to organize your property.  Ensure order and safety by adding designated boundaries around your estate, garden, house, or warehouse and protect it from trespassers and other unauthorized visitors. Fences are designed to limit or restrict unwanted visitors and pests.

At Amazon Railings we thoroughly understand that your home is the biggest investment you will make in your life. Your house should feel safe and be secure from animals, burglars, pests and other unwanted or unauthorized trespassers. Fences allow you to control access to your property in a stylish way.

Protect your family at home, your employees at the workplace and limit your liability by taking a reasonable precaution. A fence designates and distinctly outlines the perimeter or your property.

You need to rely on a trusted industry leader in safety services, Amazon Railings is your safety partner!

Amazon Railings has excellent experience installing protective fences and privacy fences for apartment building areas, condominium properties, cottages, houses, warehouses and other property areas.  We are the leading dealer of fences, gates and railing products, in Canada.

Based in a central area in Thornhill, just North of Toronto, we are able to easily access all major venues. We service the Greater Toronto Area, including: Aurora, Barrie, Brampton, Milton, Oakville, Pickering and other areas in the Golden Horseshoe area.

Our vast  array of high quality and affordable fencing products can prevent animals or unusual visitors from accessing any and if necessary all areas of your property. Limit access and movement on your property to ensure control.

You can also make your estate seem more attractive and remarkable, by delineating access points. Our fences our comprise of high quality and long lasting aluminum, which also rustproof. Our broad catalogue of contains various options designs and vivid color selection.

When it comes to fences there are many possible choices for materials. Some people may traditional wrought iron, chicken wire fences, wood fences, brick fences or other options. You want a fence that will remain durable, no rust and look great for years to come. Amazon Railings aluminum fences give you strength and style that lasts.

Kindly contact us when you decide to install fencing for your property.

We guarantee you will be satisfied  with our service. Amazon Railings proudly offers a warranty of 2 years on labour and 15 years on the overall project. 

Please take a moment to review our quality fencing projects here or peruse our catalogue.

For further information or to submit an inquiry to our sales team, please send us an email, at [email protected]. Alternatively, please call us directly, at 1-844-763-9003 or at 905-763-9000.