Trim Work

Did you know that adding molding and trim work instantly change an ordinary boring and boxy room into an elegant living space? The amount of character added with moldings and trim work is of great substance.

Molding and trim work are used as a design tool to add superb effects and remove boring looks to any room. Trim work often makes the room look larger.

The most common type of molding is casings and crown. Casings are used to frame doors and windows. Just about every doorway has a casing around it. Another good example of a casing is a window stool. That 5 inch worth of trim work at the bottom of the window adds instant elegance to the window itself.

Since casings are usually already there around windows and doors let’s move on to some more trim work and molding. Crown moldings and chair rails. These are both examples of horizontal trim work. A crown molding runs along the top of the wall against the ceiling. This adds instant beauty to a living space. Crown moldings are available in many different sizes and material types.

Chair rails are used as decorative trim work to divide an ordinary wall into two different areas. This makes decoration possibilities endless

Base molding is another common example. This molding is used at the bottom of a wall where it meets the floor. It is used as a transitional material to add decoration. Most bases are around 4 – 5 inches tall, but can range widely depending on the wall size and owner preference. It is important to take into consideration the size of the wall and room to determine the proper size of a base

Real wood moldings are suitable for most indoor projects. Paint grade poplar is the most common wood species used.

Polyurethane materials are suitable for most outdoor projects. Polyurethane moldings will look just like wood, but stand up to the sun and weather much better over time.

Give us a call to see examples of moldings and trim work installations and see what can be done in your home. There are practically endless options when it comes to your choices for size, shape, and material. We can also help you select the best material for your project.