Disabled Home Modifications

Disabled people no doubt are a part of our society and they should be encouraged enough to live their lives in as simple way as possible. At least they should be given maximum support at homes so that they feel confidence in them. If a disabled person is added to your family or is already there then modification of home according to their needs is a must. Amazon Home Improvements offers solution to all problems when it comes to modification of home for disabled. We provide our services at very reasonable prices. Let us have a bird’s eye view of how we do it for you.

  • We will offer you widening of your doors by not constructing wider doorways but we will only make you have a 2 inches extra off set door hinge to widen the door way
  • Turning the knobs of the doors is also a difficult task for people with limited grasp. We will provide you with lever attachment over already existing door knobs. It will save you a lot of money.
  • Replacing the traditional faucets will lend you a great hand as well. People with arthritis may feel frustrating turning the faucet. Thus automatic or turning faucet works well for them. All you have to do is to run any object under the tap and water will start running automatically. It will be on until and unless sensor is moved away from it.
  • Opening window blinds also seems to be difficult for disabled people. You can replace your existing blinds with the remote controlled blinds. Thus person will make use of the remote control to open and close the window blinds.
  • People who use wheel chair feel it difficult when they go out of the house. It is because of the door threshold. It is because of no gap between the floor and the bottom of the door. We will replace this raised threshold plate with flat one. At the same time we will put a weather proof strip at the bottom of the door to cover the gap.

If we observe carefully we will see that all these are very little changes. At the same time it is also a fact that there are required many small steps to move away the obstacles. Just because a person builds up disability in life or is born with it does not mean that they have no right to live a normal life. It does not also mean that they must be punished for this. They can live their lives in a very normal way with our little back-up. All they need is a pat on their back and they will do wonders. Remodeling house is just like a pat on their backs. They will start living independently as soon as they will be given small faculties. All the above mentioned modifications are few of the many things that we can do to make your home best to live for your disabled family member. We will facilitate you in every manner at very affordable price for our services.

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