Disabled Home Modifications

Home Modifications for the Disabled and Elderly
Make Your Life Easier With Accessible Home Modifications.

Amazon Home Improvements has been a leader in the field of home improvements and modifications for the Disabled and the elderly clientele.

At Amazon Home Improvements, we understand the importance of independence for people living with disabilities. We make homes handicap and wheelchair accessible by providing our clients the ability to enter and move around without any obstacles.

Our professional Disabled and elderly department staff works closely with Occupational Therapists and other Health professionals who assist in implementing the best solution to the individual client. Our Goal is to adjust our clients’ environment to best suit their needs and allow them to be as independent as possible in their own familiar home.

Some of the many services that we offer in this area are:
  • Wheelchair Accessible Bathrooms
  • Barrier Free Shower Entrances
  • Shower Seats
  • Easy Access Bathtubs
  • Grab Bars
  • Barrier Free Kitchens with Adjustable Cabinets, Shelving and Variable Height Counters
  • Floor to Ceiling Poles
  • Ceiling Lifts
  • Widening Doors and Hallways
  • Exterior Railings
  • Interior and Exterior Handrails
  • Constructing Decks and Porches
  • Custom/Portable Ramps
  • Stair lifts, Porch Lifts and Elevators
  • Custom Home Modifications

As a licensed and bonded company our professional staff works in compliance with all Ontario building codes and regulations. We also offer a 5 year warranty on labour and building materials.

Click the links below to browse some of the products that we use when offering you disabled home solutions

  • Bruno
  • EZaccess
  • Shoppers Home Health Care

Please visit www.amazonrailings.ca for our additional services.